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Leaked internal Rayman Legends trailer shows off Wii U tech

It seems that a sneaky little internet miscreant has leaked a trailer for Rayman Legends online, a 2D platformer and sequel to last year’s wonderful Rayman Origins. The title will again be headed by Michel Ancel, and the game looks to adopt a new medieval setting, new characters, as well as online co-op. The elephant […]

New Super Mario Bros. 2, Wii U games to be available on eShop

In today’s financial results briefing, Nintendo focused on its digital initiatives and how it plans to push its Nintendo Network platform going forward. In what Nintendo President Satoru Iwata described as a “digital business expansion”, Nintendo will start distributing full retail titles online starting with New Super Mario Bros. 2 on the 3DS’ eShop when […]

Nintendo Shop Updates: April 27th

Welcome to another edition of Nintendo Shop Updates where we bring you all the latest titles from the Wii Shop Channel, Nintendo DSi Shop and Nintendo 3DS eShop. There are no new downloadable games available today in Australia with all of this week’s offerings exclusive to Europe on the eShop, Nintendo DSi Shop and Wii […]

Nintendo posts first ever annual loss, forecasts return to profit in 2012/2013

It’s not all sunshine and daisies in the house of Mario at the moment, with Nintendo yesterday announcing a net loss of ¥43.20 billion for the April 2011 to March 2012 fiscal year–roughly equating to losses of $510 million in Australian dollars. Hardware sales remained steady but were lower than the company’s estimates for the […]

Pandora’s Tower Competition!

Haven’t played Pandora’s Tower yet? Well, shame on you. At Aussie-Nintendo we understand that game’s are oh so expensive. And money, well that needs to be earnt through chores or going to work which is such a waste of time. What’s that I here you say? You want somebody to just give you a copy of Pandora’s Tower bundled […]

Nintendo 3DS firmware update now available

The latest Nintendo 3DS system update is now available to download and brings with it a revamped eShop, home menu folders and the ability to download and patch Nintendo 3DS titles. The Nintendo 3DS eShop has been given a slight makeover replacing the little bar across the bottom with scrolling text for featured Nintendo 3DS […]

Resident Evil creator developing new survival horror title

In a return to form for the esteemed Resident Evil creator, Shinji Mikami has revealed to Famitsu that he will be creating a brand new survival horror game for HD consoles in the near future. Mikami told the Japanese magazine that the title is tentatively titled Zwei, meaning “2″. He confirmed that he would be […]

A year of free daily SpotPass challenges confirmed for Heroes of Ruin

During Nintendo Europe’s recent Nintendo Direct web stream, Satoru Shibata confirmed that Square Enix’s upcoming Action RPG Heroes of Ruin will include a new daily quest sent straight to your Nintendo 3DS system every day for an entire year. Heroes of Ruin tells the story of four warriors trying to cure the leader of Nexus […]

The Last Story

The Last Story

System: Wii Developer: Mistwalker Publisher: Nintendo Genre: JPRG Players: 1 With the sheer amount of JRPGs recently released, I was afraid that Mistwalker’s latest creation wouldn’t offer up anything unique out of what I had played in the past few months. I was almost hesitant to begin after only just finishing Xenoblade days before, and […]

Rhythm Thief & the Emperor’s Treasure Review

Rhythm Thief & the Emperor’s Treasure Review

System: 3DS Developer: Sega/XeenPublisher: Sega Genre: Adventure/Rhythm Players: 1-2 For a long time, Rhythm Thief was one of those games that I was kinda interested in but didn’t really know that much about. I knew that the titular Rhythm Thief was a stylish looking guy, and that Napoleon was involved somehow, but my understanding of […]

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