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E3 2012: Nintendo Land unveiled

During last night’s E3 presentation Nintendo unveiled a new game for Wii U. Nintendo Land puts your Mii in a theme park filled with mini-games of your favourite Nintendo franchises, including F-Zero! Each mini-game highlights a different feature of Wii U, so the whole thing’s kind of an introduction to Wii U, much like Wii Sports […]

Redesigned Wii U controller leaked

At E3 2011, Nintendo showed off the Wii U’s oddball touch-screen controller. Although hands-on demonstrations were mostly positive, pundits cited a lack of traditional analogue sticks–replaced by 3DS-esque circle pads–as one of a few notable issues in detracting from the device’s overall feel. It’s no surprise, then, that a picture of a new, redesigned controller […]

Nintendo reveals new Midnight Purple 3DS, creates poetry

There are quite a few 3DS colours on the market right now–the result of a valiant attempt from Nintendo to widen the 3DS’ appeal as much as possible. But if blue, black, red and pink weren’t enough for you, Nintendo of America has now announced a new, purpler option. Indeed, a Midnight Purple 3DS will […]