Nintendo announces supersized 3DS XL

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Nintendo has just wrapped up the European version of its Nintendo Direct presentation, offering a rare announcement in the form of a brand new 3DS model which is expected to release on July 28th.

Yes, you read that correctly. July 28th. Nintendo’s getting good at this whole announcing-things-and-then-releasing-them-really-soon thing, aren’t they?

This announcement comes after Nikkei reported earlier on in the month that Nintendo planned to announce a new, larger 3DS at E3. At the time Nintendo said that the report was “nothing more than conjecture”. Well, sure, the E3 announcement didn’t happen, but it’s safe to say that it was a little bit more than conjecture, Nintendo.

3ds xl comparison.pngThe system boasts a huge 90% increase in the size of its top and bottom screens, rounding out at 4.88 inches and 4.18 inches, respectively. The system’s resolution and processing power remain unchanged.

Of course, the screens aren’t the only thing “XL” about the new 3DS. For better or worse, the system is now 46% larger and 101g heavier than the current 3DS model.

Sadly, even with all of that extra space, the system still doesn’t include a much-wanted second Circle Pad, and probably won’t be compatible with any upcoming Circle Pad Pro accessories in the future, either, because… y’know, it would probably implode.

In the West, the 3DS XL will release in blue, red and silver, and will boast a lengthened battery life that promises to squeeze out around 1.5 more hours out of your 3DS titles, and 2 hours of out of your DS titles.

Each system will come with a 4GB SD card included, a 2GB bump in size compared to the current 3DS SD card pack-in. However, to reduce costs, no AC adapter will be included with the console. Previous Nintendo DSi, Nintendo DSi XL and Nintendo 3DS AC adapters will work with the console, though, and consumers will also be able to purchase standalone adapters at retail.

We’ll update this story with Australian release date and pricing information as it comes to hand.

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