Nintendo Shop Updates: June 15th

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Welcome to another edition of Nintendo Shop Updates where we bring you all the latest titles from the Wii Shop Channel, Nintendo DSi Shop and Nintendo 3DS eShop.

There is one new downloadable game available today in Australia with another two exclusive to Europe on the eShop, Nintendo DSi Shop and Wii Shop Channel. There are also 3D trailers for Nintendo 3DS games featured at E3 available to view so be sure to check them out.


Title: Sonic Blast
System: Virtual Console (Game Gear)
Price: $7.50
Genre: Action
Play as both Sonic and Knuckles through 14 exciting levels filled with new power-ups and abilities. You will need to regain the stolen Chaos Emeralds while taking advantage of Sonic’s powerful jumps and Knuckles’ climbing skills in order to discover hidden secrets.

Title: Samurai Sword Destiny (Europe Only)
System: Nintendo 3DS Download Software
Price: £5.40 / €6.00
Genre: Fighting
Akane is desperate to find her brother and will have to face off against powerful opponents in order to do so. Thankfully through a variety of upgrades Akane can improve her skills and hopefully return her brother home safely.


Title: Art of Ink (Europe Only)
System: DSiWare
Price: 800 Nintendo Points
Genre: Simulation
Run your own tattoo parlour as you serve customers, earn money and continue to upgrade and customise your store. Once business picks up things can start to get hectic so you will need to keep improving equipment to keep up with demand.