First 3DS downloadable content arrives this week in Australia and Europe

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Late last year Nintendo updated the Nintendo 3DS eShop allowing for developers to publish downloadable content (DLC) through the digital store. Finally this Friday, the first DLC offering will arrive and the best part is it won’t cost you a thing, considering you already own the title.

Mighty Switch Force by WayForward was a very well received platformer in which objects shift between the foreground and background, this gameplay mechanic works especially well on the Nintendo 3DS thanks to the 3D effect the system produces. WayForward will be releasing a DLC pack this Friday which adds five new levels to the game, the expansion is free to download once you purchase the game from the eShop for $9.00.

It has now been over five months since Nintendo has allowed for the release of DLC so content should become more frequent over the coming months. With E3 two weeks away Nintendo may possibly delve deeper into their own add-on content offerings during their press conference but only time will tell.