Nintendo Sale Figures

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SA’s best-selling Wii and DS games for March:


  1. Wii Sports
  2. Wii Sports Resorts
  3. Super Mario Bros
  4. Mario Kart
  5. Wii Party


  1. New Super Mario Bros
  2. Pokemon: Mystery Dungeon
  3. Pokemon White Version
  4. Mario Kart DS
  5. Pokemon Soul Silver Version

As you can see Mario and Pokemon are dominating the top 5 games on the Nintendo DS, which should be no surprise to anybody. While Wii Sports and Wii Sports Resorts take up the top two spots on the Nintendo Wii respectively.

Just a heads up for all you bargain hunters out there. Pokemon: Mystery Dungeon is around R120 at most retailers. At that price no wonder it’s the second best-selling DS game for March!

Source: MyGaming