Rayman Origins demo arrives in eShop this week

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The critically acclaimed Rayman Origins was released on home consoles late last year and rebooted the struggling Rayman franchise by offering a new visual style and co-operative gameplay. The stunning hand drawn characters and environments brought Rayman back to its 2D roots as you platform your way through detailed and original level designs.

The wacky art style adds a sense of humour to the games making them even more of a pleasure to play and a second player can jump in at any time to take control of Globox to aid Rayman in his quest.

Early next month Rayman Origins will be arriving on the Nintendo 3DS and Ubisoft are kindly giving us the chance to experience the title before release with a free demo heading to the Nintendo 3DS eShop. Available from this Thursday night, not much is known about the Nintendo 3DS port but hopefully it retains the high quality visuals which made the home console versions so special.

Last month a Rayman survey was conducted and mentioned the likes of dragons and magic which lead many to believe a sequel was in development. A leaked video then confirmed Rayman Legends will probably be shown at E3 this year which offers new co-op characters and a fantasy backdrop in which the story takes place.

As you wait for the Nintendo 3DS demo to arrive, you can check out Kabal’s review of the Wii version. Rayman Origins will be released on Nintendo 3DS in Australia on June 8th 2012.