Set when you want digitally purchased Wii U games to download

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During a recent investors meeting in Japan, Nintendo President Satoru Iwata confirmed the Wii U will launch with an online store where launch day Wii U titles could be downloaded onto the system as opposed to purchasing a physical copy from retailers. Alternatively, retailers will also be selling download codes for games which once entered, will allow you to digitally download a Wii U title without the need for a credit card or the purchase of several eShop cards.

It was previously confirmed that Wii U discs will be able to hold up to 25gb of data so some games will definitely take some time to download, thankfully Nintendo understand this and has added a unique feature which allows you to choose when a download will begin.

Wii U owners can set a convenient time for them as to when their digital purchases will begin downloading, this could be while you are at school or work, or even while you are sleeping. Whether the Wii U system will turn itself on to begin the download and shut itself off again once completed isn’t known at this stage however one would think that is the case.

More information regarding the Wii U will be announced at this year’s E3 conference which is only just over a month away.

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