New Super Mario Bros. 2, Wii U games to be available on eShop

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In today’s financial results briefing, Nintendo focused on its digital initiatives and how it plans to push its Nintendo Network platform going forward.

In what Nintendo President Satoru Iwata described as a “digital business expansion”, Nintendo will start distributing full retail titles online starting with New Super Mario Bros. 2 on the 3DS’ eShop when it launches in August.

Each digital title downloaded to the 3DS’ SD card will be locked to the system it was downloaded on, said Iwata.

Iwata confirmed that retailers will also stock pre-paid cards containing full game download codes, stating that it would decrease consumers’ “psychological barrier to making online purchases”, and that retailers would be able to set the price of each digital game card as they see fit.

Iwata also announced that full Wii U titles would be available on the console’s eShop from “day one” of its launch.

Accompanying the announcements, Iwata revealed that 70% of US and Japanese users, and 50% of European and Australian users had connected to the internet on a 3DS console–the latter of which Iwata described as not being “a satisfactory level yet”. He also revealed that the number of repeat users visiting Nintendo’s online platforms had “largely grown” from the company’s Wii and DSi online efforts.

“Nintendo eShop still has room for
improvement. However, we have a strong feeling that the foundation for
us to deploy our digital businesses has been properly laid out”, said Iwata.

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